April 2015 - The virtual exhibition "Masters and beyond #2 " : the main views !

Masters and beyond
part two (1995-2001)
copies after european impressionist & modern masterpieces 

(Other exhibitions of these copies in France, between this period... )

visible on aaupalt.wix.com

This second wing includes other 15 paintings after great masters.
Exhibition devoted on impressionist and modern painters. 
Largest approach to Modigliani, Monet or Toulouse Lautrec.

Second official poster of this exhibition

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April 2015 - The virtual exhibition "Renaissance faces" : the main views !

Jan van Eyck,
Renaissance faces 

(from France in 2003)

visible on aaupalt.wix.com

This exhibition confronts 15 finest paintings after differents masters. 
Van Eyck stay the central point of this research, 
brought together his best portraits.

Around it, some copies after 
Petrus Christus, Hans Memling, Jean Fouquet or 
Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein the younger 


April 2015 - The virtual exhibition "New York & Paris" : the main views !

"New York and Paris"
(from France, summer 2013)

visible on aaupalt.wix.com

Some views of my personnal exhibition in France 
(in the Ain region, near Switzerland). 
After two years in Paris, this collection show the remains of my 250 pieces 
created for a parisian exhibition 
since march 2011 until september 2012 
(at Montmarte and St André des Arts galleries). 

Now, all other landscape's creations are in private collections all around the world.