New concept !

Welcome in my official website
(specially oriented towards the Art of the copying)



This website combined my différents exhibitions since 1995
and also the view of each painting during eight years !

You can see the differents artworks always available to your collection :

- personnal creations of urban landscapes like New York city or Paris.

- unique copies after european master of the Painting from XVth to XXth century like :
Jan van Eyck, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jeronimus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer,
Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Georges de La Tour,
Claude Monet, Amédéo Modigliani, etc.

The virtual exhibitions in this website take up some thought
about a particular painting's master or a confrontation between two great creators !

Nice visit !




Season's greetings 2014

"Paris, Eiffel Tower, summer's clouds" private collection © 
Wishing you all a Happy New Year !



August 2013 - The exhibition "New York & Paris" : pictures !

Views of this exhibition ! 

Finally, twenty five pieces on the walls. 

 Thirty others paintings during my presence
(Saturday 10, 17 and 24 august).

Vues de l'exposition !
Au final, 25 œuvres accrochées aux murs.
30 autres peintures seront présentées pendant ma présence à l'exposition
(les samedis)


May 2013 - Preparing the exhibition "New York & Paris"

Exhibition in France
of the paintings available for purchase.
27 pièces about the architectures of the two towns.

from 5 to 24 August 2013

At the "Espace culturel Leclerc"
(Cap Emeraude)
Bourg en Bresse -France
Exposition des peintures disponibles à l'achat.
27 tableaux où se confrontent les architectures des deux Capitales.
du lundi 5 au samedi 24 août 2013
A l'espace culturel Leclerc (Cap Emeraude)
à Bourg en Bresse -France

Liens : sur sortir.local.fr
sur bourgenbressetourisme.fr


Season's greetings 2013

                      "Paris, Place Vendome" private collection ©
Wishing you all a Happy New Year !


September 2012 - Paris-New York, exhibition in the artist's studio.

"New York Liberty, series" private collections ©
Since the end of the exhibition in Paris, Aupalt's landscape paintings are available online [...].

Of the 160 paintings of Paris and New York produced between 2011 & 2012
& exhibited at the Parisian gallery, it remains only 50 works available for the fans !


September 2012 - A piece was stolen !

Missing this piece !
                     Property of August Aupalt ©
Probably stolen from the 'Saint André des Arts' gallery.