February 24, 2011 - Meeting at Aix en Provence (Fr)

I brought the first works at the headquarters of the gallery, in Aix en Provence, late February for meet with the team gallery but also the for a short break on the mountain Sainte Victoire... my greetings to the great Cézanne on my way !

Aix en Provence, Rotonde fountain / France, the Montagne Sainte Victoire. Aupalt files ©


February 2011 - End of the first set

"Paris, the Sorbonne, summer" private collection ©
underneath "Paris, the Eiffel Tower, series" private collections ©

In febuary, finalization of a series about Paris and his monuments. Oil on cardboards ; squares, 3 15/16in, 5 15/16in, 7 7/8in and 11 13/16in.