June 2011 - Dedication of the last weekend of June

Two days where I painted & drew before the Montmartre public views of Paris. I dedicated the paintings purchased by collectors. It was also the event to discover my last (16) large paintings on canvas.
"Paris, Liberty and Eiffel Tower, front " Aupalt stock, available ©



June 2011 - Large sizes for this summer

This is a sample of this series. Oil on canvases  for a single subject : Paris. Paintings sizes : 19 11/16in, 31 1/2in, 39 3/8in.
"Paris, the Pont Alexandre III and Eiffel Tower" private collections ©



June 2011 - Preparing third set

A new collection of paintings in preparation ; this time I integrate research on New York City (note that there is already a sample on the gallery website).

"New York, TimesSquare, night" in progress - Aupalt stock, available ©