December 2010 - Presentation of the painter and precisions

Through small biography of the gallery, we get a glimpse of my career or my research. That said, I think just give a few details about my creations to better understand my approach :

I work as a landscaper for over ten years, I presented two exhibitions exclusively urban or landscape in 2002 and May 2009. I wanted to be an architect but, child, I finally directed to the illustration. I am comfortable to paint the urban [...] or the natural landscape. Realism that I pursue is influenced by the mastery of certain painters of the nineteenth century, barbizonniens (Corot, Rousseau... ) Impressionists (Monet, Renoir... ) or realistic - naturalistic (Friant, Bastien Lepage... ). Target, in painting, an urban monument, a street [...] that is harmonious and especially attractive ! Works are oil paintings mixed solely with brush on thick paper.

More : produce works in this following step : choose a specific point of view and paint at different times of the day (night, foggy morning, summer sun, evening twilight, snowy landscape, etc. ). Choose soft colors or bright but try to always keep a real atmosphere [...]. 


A sample : Colmar's Liberty / Paris, The Pont Alexandre III /
Paris, The Place de la Concorde and Arc de Triomphe / Paris, City Hall. Private collections ©

The whole works that I present are inspired by some true observations. I never had the opportunity to go there, so I am inspired by photographs, whatever these observations, I plunged into a completely different atmosphere and I reinterprets colors or shadows ! "I develop and sharpen my knowledge and observation in a landscape. '

Finally, the choice of this "cliché-portrait" that reminds me what the beautiful work of photographer in the nineteenth century...


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